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The Broomers
For me cleaning is more than a chore, it is a way of life! It clears my head
and helps me to organize my thoughts by clarifying any problems or issues
going on in my life. I grew up helping my mother keep our space clean, and though we never had the state of the art vacuums or dust busters nevertheless, we were fortunate enough to always have a broom on hand and usually in good working condition. As a single mother, my mom was not
always able to provide my sister and myself with the best equipment for life but fortunately she was able to teach us the value in every equipment we had and that even the simplest ones can make a difference.

She taught me the value of dependability. As simple as the broom itself is, it has alwaysb beenmy partner in cleaning my environment justifiably and for that reason I can always see it’s value.

Thebroom has always been a dependable tool in my life, which is why I felt ‘ the broomers’ would be a suitable name for my business. I too can be depended on to get the job done and done well. My hope is that the broomers can be a leading example of hard work and dedication in the pursuit of keeping our homes clean.

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